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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 11, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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and the overall cost of those most impoverished communities is upward of $12 million. the worst of the flooding is headed down stream toward the gulf coast home to many of the biggest refineries. refineries bracing for potential shutdowns and supply disruptions. >> we have a lot of people that invested aç lot of money these properties. everyone here is just sick. >> vicksburg, mississippi, the next major point of impact with the river expected to crest there saturday above 56 feet. nbc's ton strong join united states us with more. this would be a record breaker if it actually crests at that level. >> reporter: 57 1/2 feet is what's predicted here that the river's going to crest at. that would top a 1927 record. talk about the economic impact, we're in the parking lot, what used to be the parking lot of a
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barge company and that's one component of the petroleum chain. this barge company moves millions of barrels of decemberle and gasoline up and down the mississippi river. the office is basically now an island, surrounded. we're at the confluence of the yazoo and the mississippi rivers and water from both rivers are steadily climbing. they're anticipating and calling this flood to be epic. all up and down this region now, you can see a lot of activity, a lot of people trying to shore up areas that are low lying, and the businesses here located near the river at this point, trying to do what they can to make makeshift levees. the arm corps of engineers, not too far from here, trying to shore up a back water levee near the yazoo river. they're trying to lay down a five-mile stretch of plastic over the earth and levee. they're anticipating water to come over the levees, over top, and when the water crashes on
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top of the soil that would erode the soil, so they're hoping by placing plastic on the levee at this point that will shore it up. right now they're just -- it's a slow-moving disaster, and they're waiting for this to crest, and hoping the levee system around vicksburg will hold up. tamron? >> quite a sight to see. a veryç sad site. let's bring in the weather channel's carl parker where severe storms are rolling into the area as we wait for the mississippi river to crest near vicksburg. >> yeah, it's going to be a while before all of that wet weather makes its way farther eastward. a lot of severe weather to tell you about. the setup, plenty of moisture coming up into the mid ol of the country, upper level disturbances coming out as well, that's going to set the stage for rough storms through the afternoon. i want to show you what's happening with the radar picture now. there's a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for north texas. look at that mass of rain coming towards the dallas area.
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these are all severe thunderstorm warnings. we've gotten reports of winds to 60, 70 miles an hour, not far away. in ft. worth probably 45 minutes, probably 2:34 there in the dallas area. certainly there could be wind damage, large hail's a possibility. a lot of heavy rain and a lot of lightning. but we do need rain, that's good news. severe warnings around the oklahoma city area. farther northward, severe thunderstorm watch areas, nebraska, kansas, and severe thunderstorm warnings within that as well a huge area potential severe weather from the lakes down through the plains. going to be a busy afternoon. >> thank you very much, carl. developing news from the faa, biggest changes in 20 years could be coming to the airline industry. and how it trains its pilots and crew members, this all comes after an awful crash in buffalo, new york, just two years ago. nbc's tom costello joins me now. what is the big headline in these changes here? >> reporter: the big headline this is a reaction, it would
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appear to what would in buffalo, when colgan air went down and the pilot failed check rides, he had not been trained properly. a whole host of things we found out about the cockpit crew that were disturbing. here, the headlines from the faa -- under theç proposals the fligh crew must demonstrate not just learn critical skills in real-world training scenarios. for example, they're going to require the pilots be taught how to recognize and recover from stalls. you may remember that that crew at colgan airways didn't perform the right maneuver when they had recover from the stall. the pilot didn't know what to do with his stick shaker and stick pusher. pilots out there know what i'm talking about, literally the yolk shakes. you are supposed to push the stick forward to gain air speed. instead he pulled the yolk back and as a result the plane's nose
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went up and the plane stalled. they're saying you have to have hands-on experience in how to recover from a stall or potential stall. the third point, very important, they're going to have a supplemental notice that would require the use of flight simulators. i've talked to many people at the ff, including the administrator, a big believer in 21st century modern simulators that they can completely replicate what you might face as a pilot. this is not 1960s technology, this is modern technology and want to see pilots go through the simulators so they know every type of scenario they might face. >> changes traces back to that terrible crash in buffalo. why did it take two years for us to see these adjustments made? >> this is, of course, keep in mine, there have been ntsb recommendations on this and the faa's met and pushed through a lot of recommendations. but this is a wholesale set of changes. to go through this kind of a new
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rule making apparatus here in washington takes time. you've got to go through with, you know, consult with pilots, unions, there's a public hearing for the next, well, until the end of july, as i understand it, july 19th, in which the public can weigh in, and we'll see how quickly the çfaa might require these proposals. >> nbc's tom costello, thank you on the big changes from faa. in over two hours, president obama holds a strategy meeting on reducing the deficit. the president will meet at the white house with senate democrats in hopes of uniting them on a fiscal plan. then tomorrow, the president will meet with senate republicans. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live. the information we're getting, again, is that this is a strategy meeting it won't be about negotiating. how that work? >> reporter: well, one of the interesting things, it's all democrats and all republicans in the senate invited not just leadership. and that could change sort of the tempo in the room. certainly the president's getting credit for having these sessions and appearing to take a
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step that he's involved in this, too, which many people have asked for. but there's a lot of conflicting ideas from the two parties on how to try to resolve spending cuts and what should be done with the debt in advance of that all too critical vote on raising the country's debt keceiling, t ability to borrow more. democrats are talking about to try to get money back from oil companies, the biggest five, in the form of subsidies and put that toward the debt. that's an idea from democrats. the republican leader, mitch mcconnell had plenty to say about that today. >> so let me get this straight. higher gas prices, fewer american jobs, and more dependence on foreign competitors at the expense of american energy? that's their plan? no thank you. >> reporter: so we're in that phase where there's a lot of finger pointing from both sides, saying that lines in the sand drawn by one or the other is a
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bridge too far. so what the president's meeting can do is kick around ideas, maybe get democrats to think alike on this and some of it is purely the appearance of it. the steps towards trying to reach some resolution but it sure feels like it'sç a long w off. >> that's interesting. because we know that treasury secretary tim geithner said there was a deadline if you will, that needed to be in the forefront of this conversation and if they are kicking around the can, as you say, this is just a strategy meet, not negotiating, is anyone taking this deadline seriously? >> reporter: i do think in both parties they're taking it seriously. there are a range of deadlines. it seems the drop dead is early august now. initially may 16th was the deadline. we're into a critical window. both parties are saying debt limit has to be raised but how to agree to get there, that's where you have the big divide. democrats say they'll go with some spending cuts but nothing like republicans want and republicans are in a way using this opportunity to live
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leverage as much as they can get on spending and there's a real difference and it will attack a lot of sessions. we'll see lots of pictures walking back and forth talking about progress before we get there. today is one of those important milestones where they bring this up to a new level with the president being involved. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks. coming up, conservative critics are blasting tonight's poetry night at the white house. it has to do with one of the atentees, rapper and poet common. we'll explain the controversial and see if it's a real one. plus -- >> this, without question, a unique case. i doubt i'll ever see another one like this in a lifetime. >> a former marine impaled on a fence pole after a horrible car accident. he survived, and i'm going to talk with him live. plus -- notice anything different about bristol palin? bristol has made a confession about awe recent change in her appearance.
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welcome back to "news nation." what's being called an evening of poetry at the white house hosted by the first family has become embroiled in controversy because first lady michelle obama invited rapper and poet common to appear. critics are highlighting lyrics, including a song in which the rapper celebrates a former black panther convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper in 1973. a few hours ago white house press secretary jay carney defended common. >> the president doesn't support
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the lyrics that have been raised here. we think some ofç the reports distort what mr. lind stands for more broadly. he's in the genre of hip-hop and rap, ease a conscience rapper joining me now, michael smerconish, as an msnbc contributor. this is personal for you. your thoughts? >> well, i try not to make entertainment choices based on politics because i'd have darn few movies to go to, television shows to watch and music to listen to. this one does hit me, you know, difficult way because for a long time i've been a pro bono legal counsel to maureen falkner and her husband was murdered. one of the songs embraces abu-jamal and i find that troublesome. what i'm trying to articulate,
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not so well so far, it's different for me making an individual decision based on some cultural choice, different than the president of the united states and the first lady in terms of who they welcome into the white house because i think it does send a message and in this case, it's a wrong message. >> the fraternal order of police, some members in new jersey, the state troopers, also have expressed concern as it relates to the new jersey troop who are was killed in 1973, the woman convicted eventually broke free from prison in 1979. here's what jay carney had to say about the law enforcement people, especially new jersey, concerned about common visiting the white house. >> one of the things that president appreciates is the work that mr. lind has done, especially in chicago, trying to get them to focus on poetry as opposed to some the negative influences of life on the streets. >> that is enough, mikele? common is from chicago. i've interviewed him several times. 4 has a charity that is very
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popular. he's notç considered a gangste rapper as we've seen with some other people out there. a lot of his music as carney pointed out is socially conscious. a song highlighted from the baltimore sun, retrospect for life in which he talks about abortion and its impact on a young woman's life and takes on that very difficult topic. so does that count at all? >> i think it does count. i think will are redeeming qualities that i've learned of by listening to the lyrics in the last 24 hours, nor can i excuse statements of support in two cases, at least two cases, for individuals convicted of murdering police officers. i think the president is generally very strongly supportive of law enforcement. i had the opportunity to question him, as a matter of fact, about the abu-jamal case because there was internet speculation he was going to intercede as the president and take action in that case, and he assured me that would not be the
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circumstance. in this particular case, i wish they not extended the invite. >> for the record, sarah palin has tweeted she said, quote, lovely, white house responding to this. karl rove has chosen to comment. common went on to twitter as well and says, quote, apparently sarah palin and fox news doesn't like me. you have some wondering why this is also coming up now with the conservative media outlet because common has campaigned with the president, he's also participated in other events at the white house, i believe a christmas tree lighting concert. so why is it coming up now, michael? >> i don't know the answer to that question. you and i have discussed on many occasions, there's a segment among us who the president is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't, and perhaps you're referencing evidence of that mentality. >> michael, great talking to you. we have developing news to report in the osama bin laden case. u.s. officials say,ç off the
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record, that an anonymous source, i should say, officials confirmed that osama bin laden kept a handwritten journal filling the pages with ideas and details of operations. bin laden had long, according to the a.p., been known to record thoughts in a diary. the official spoke on the condition of ananonymity. the a.p. reporting that u.s. facials say osama bin laden kept a handwritten journal and it was confiscated by navy s.e.a.l.s who killed him. osama bin laden's son is speaking out for the first time since the terror leader was killed. bin laden's son omar says the u.s. violated international law and the family wants to know why bin laden wasn't arrested and tried in a court of law. meantime, members of the congress are being granted access to view bin laden's death photos. a senior u.s. official tells nbc news that the house and senate intelligence and armed services committee will be able to see the pictures at cia
2:19 pm
headquarters. live in islamabad, pakistan. what is the latest on u.s. officials being able to interrogate the three widows of bin laden? >> reporter: we've had some confusion over last few days as to when and if the united states will get access to the wives who it's understood may hold the key to at least some information about osama bin laden's movements over the last few years. of course, john kerry's due to arrive any day now in islamabad. officially to smooth over ties and perhaps rebuild some bridges following the osama bin laden operation. however, of course, some tough talking will be going on behind closed doors, we understand he will be asking for that access to the wives. there are some reports locally here on the ground in pakistan that the pakistanis might see the opportunity toç try to use them as a bargaining tool to
2:20 pm
say, look, we've got something you need, why don't you share the intel you're gathering as well from what you've taken away from the compound. but of course, there's much more bargaining to be done. of course congress is debating and discussing aid to pakistan which i'm sure u.s. officials will be quick to remind pakistanis of. >> thank you for the live report today. breaking news to report just into "news nation." spain is reporting two strong earthquakes in quick succession, video just coming no to us. quakes are believed to cause major fatalities. video coming in to us moments ago. we're keeping an eye on the story out of spain. [ ticking ] [ grunts ] we are!
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welcome back to "news nation." state of indiana's closer to cutting funding for planned
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parenthood. a short time ago a federal judge refused to block a new state law that would make indiana the first state to cut funding to the organization. planned parenthood of indiana had agreed that the law jeopardizes health care for thousands of women in that state. and the u.s. navy is now going back on its decision to allow chaplains to conduct same-sex marriages on military bases. last month the navy's chief of chaplains issued a memo saying if a base is located in a state that allows same-sex marriage it can be used for that purpose, once don't ask, don't tell is scrapped. but this week that memo was suspended. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins me from the pentagon. what happened here? >> reporter: there were problems of two fronts the chief of navy chaplains making the decision and sending out a memo, just about a month ago, that would have permitted same-sex marriages at navy chapels in states in the district of columbia where same-sex marriages are legal.
2:25 pm
but what the chief of navy chaplains did was jump the gun on implementation of don't ask, don't tell, which is still the law, and still sort of, but not really, being enforced in the u.s. military. and the repeal itself will not take effect until 60 days after the secretary of defense, at the time it could be leon panetta, certifies that all necessary steps have been taken for a smooth transition to the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. so we're looking at a time frame of late summer, perhaps even early fall. that was one point. the other point is, according to many members of congress, that it flies in the face of the congressional defense of marriage act which decrees, essentially by congress, that so the chief of navy chaplains had no other choice then to rescind that memo and wait until such time as it may be permissible to allow same-sex
2:26 pm
marriages at navy chapels. >> jumping the gun a bit there, thank you, mik. just a few hours newt gingrich is set to make his presidential bid official. he's been criticized for having been married three times. but there's no word that newt's campaign could look to his third wife as a way time prove his image with social conservatives. plus, why some residents in new york city are outraged over something will smith has brought to their neighborhood. more on big breaking story just in to us. two earthquakes in southern spain. learning there are fatalities. a live report ahead. too much on your plate? no matter when you get around to booking, will have a great last minute deal waiting for you. like at the 48 hour sale. this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart. delicious gourmet of gravy. and she agrees.
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welcome back. breaking news out of spain. getting word there have been fatalities we don't know how many as a result of two earthquakes that were in quick secession near the town of
2:30 pm
lorca, southeast spain. we don't have an official confirmation. there have been fatalities confirmed. we will continue to follow break news and have a live report for you very soon. two earthquakes that have rocked spain. former house speaker newt gingrich expected to officially announce his campaign for the presidency later today. not only is the announcement making headlines, but so is his strategy for perhaps as he wants to win the white house. "the new york times" reports gingrich believes he may have a secret weapon, his wife of 12 years, who is also his third wife. the report says newt's wife calista will take a major role in his campaign despite the fact their marriage started out as an affair and one of the reasons social conservatives have doubts about him. joining me, karen tumulty. the report is intriguing for many reasons. we know the problems that newt gingrich faces with social conservatives but he is calling
2:31 pm
on the woman he had an affair with, i believe six years, they've been married for 12 years, is an interesting strategy if that's true. >> interesting is one word for it. you know, newt gingrich's problems with social conservatives go beyond the personal history of two failed marriages because social conservatives really were upset that, for instance, that their issues were not part of the contract with america in 1994, newt gingrich, for most of his career, has been a very secular politician, proudly so. where his third wife, calista, fits into this narrative is that, in the past few years there has grown a much more spiritual, religious side of newt gingrich and according to -- according to him and everyone around him because of his wife, calista, that she was the one, for instance, who convinced him to convert to the catholic church.
2:32 pm
>> that is interesting. i want to play a sound bite from newt gingrich earlier in the year when he discussed his extra marital affairs and multiple marriages. let's play it. >> there's no question that, at times in my life, partially driven by how passionately i felt about the country, that i worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were inappropriate. >> that was march 7th, an interview with david brody, there are other, more pressing issues that the voters are want to know from newt gingrich, our economic crisis, the wars that are happening, obviously, but this strategy of maybe facing his personal life head-none these interviews, is that something that will likely worse, and erase any doubt. >> evangelical voters are very important in the early states, in iowa, south carolina. and as i have done interviewing in those states, among
2:33 pm
evangelical leaders, they say that, you know, redemption is very much part of their theology. but what newt gingrich has got to convince them of this is, in fact a genuine conversion. >> well, he's, again, going to announce that he's officially jumping into the race. there's been question of whether or not his wife wants him to run and if she will be able to take an active part, as she has enjoyed the role that she has in his documentary film company that he has. we have breaking news. about catch "meet the press" sunday. david gregory talks to newt gingrich, sunday on nbc. check local listings forç the times. back to breaking news out of spain. two earthquakes reported in spain, at least three people have been confirmed killed. nbc's michelle kosinski joins us live from london with more details. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we've just confirmed with the town of mercia in southeast spain seven people have been killed in this
2:34 pm
earthquake. so information is coming out of there quickly. but the quakes at first didn't seem to be powerful. the first one was a 4.2, followed just after by one of a 5.2 magnitude. it happened this afternoon. just getting information about the level of damage already apparent there. several buildings have collapsed or have cracked. it's been centered near the -- both centered near the town of lorca, that's the preliminary information at this point. and authorities are worried that people could be trapped inside some buildings. also reports of cracks and highways and roads, and damage to a tunnel that is causing traffic jams. you can see some pictures coming out of emergency workers responding to the damage. we're reading now, coming from mercia, 150 emergency workers assessing damage and helping victims that they have been able to identify. the latest is seven people
2:35 pm
killed in these two earthquakes. those are in the town of mercia, spain, and there are concerns of casualties, injuries and damage to property. >> michelle, thank you very much for the update on breaking news. we'll keep updating our audience throughout the day. in wake of osama bin laden's death, president obama is preparing a new outreach to the muslim world. a white house official says the president will deliver a major speech as early as next week, talking about political change in the middle east and north africa. syria, reports say another 18 people were killed today in the government crackdown. and also, rebelsç battled to e gadhafi's 42 years of rule in libya. new rebel advances reported in the port city of misrata. joining me, senior fellow and director of the new america foundation. we don't have a confirmation of when the president will give the speech, it's expected that he
2:36 pm
will make this outreach before his trip to europe but in the "wall street journal," one official says the president will outline the old way, the bin laden way, if you will, and what we're seeing with young people who want democracy in their countries. >> well, we know the speech will take place before may 23rd, that's what the white house has indicate. the white house has pushed back pretty hard against the framing of the "wall street journal" speech. they, in fact, senior official told me a short while ago, emphatically, this was not a muslim world speech. this was a speech about political change in the middle east and north africa. i think what the reason they're doing that is they want to reflect this is a change about the social contract between people and governments, whether muslims, christians, they're jews, wherever they may be in the religious pam pea on. i i think he's going to go back, or should go back in my view, to some of the theep his talked
2:37 pm
about earlier, about the power of nonviolent movements of the arab spring of people who have -- want a different future taking back their governments and you're going to see those kinds of themes. >> how difficult will it to be give a speech of that nature watching, still unknown number of people killed. there are reports from one human rights organization, an 8-year-old child, perhaps 10,000 detained in syria alone. >> we still -- i was told by the white house the president's speech hasn't been written yet, so no one knows will be in it. what ought to be in it is essentially our view that the middle east and these areas of the world matter to us and that we have stakes in this part of the world, too, and that we're horribly concerned by what we've seen in libbia, what we see unhe folding in syria and the other parts of the region. the president may set benchmarks. this has to be something that continues to rest with the
2:38 pm
people. it is not possible for the united states and its allies to easily intervene in these cases. we can focus a spotlight, we can express concern, we can take actions on sanctions. we can use international tools in the united nations, but we actually have, when you have these sweeping revolutions and what is a tsunami throughout the region it's going to take place over months and years. we're not going to see this in very, very fast time. i think that you're going to have the united states and its allie allies, friends in the region, outside the region, trying to use a lot of tools to assist those people to reach a much more just and fair and self-determined government than they have today. >> steven clemens, we greatly appreciate you. we look forward to seeing what the president has to say in his remarks. nevada man escapes death by just a few centimeters, despite being impaled through the face by a two-inch thick metal pole.
2:39 pm
today he's making the most of his second chance. the incredible x-ray, take a look, shows the skull, he crashed his car into a chain link fence last november after falling asleep at the wheel. he had a six-inch pipe sticking out both the front and the back of his head, and he has lived to tell his own story. andrew is with us to talk about it. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. >> you look pretty good for a man who had that cray and that incident. how do you feel? >> i feel wonderful. the recovery was challenging, sv as bad as it could have been or should have been. i feel wonderful, just enjoying new york today and it's a beautiful day out there. >> absolutely. even if it were raining and snowing, it's a beautiful day because you're alive. >> it is a great day, yeah. >> do you remember anything from the accident? >> i don't. i don't remember really anything other than like that night i went to sleep and i woke up a
2:40 pm
couple days later in the hospital. fortunately, i don't have any recollection of the worst part of the accident, for sure. >> how many hour of surgery have you had to endure? >> well, i really only had one surgery that night and it was -- i think it was upwards of two or three hours, i'm not sure. >> because when you look at that picture you can't imagine that x-ray, that that would be a one-day, couple of hours procedure to remove that pipe. >> well, you know, give credit to the surgeons. the surgeons that i have, that worked on me, dr. coates, dr. moxley. >> one of your doctors helped save the life of the magician, roy horn, of siegfried and roy, after mauled by a tiger. >> the best of the best. >> in my opinion, best of the world. >> what is your recovery like now? its close to being done. i'm going to have possibly lip
2:41 pm
surgery, you know, fix my lip, and then i need reconstructive surgery on my shoulder. it's pretty mangled still. all in all, i mean, even after the accident, which was november 29th, i went back to school at southern utah university january 6th. >> that's because you're tough because you're a marine, you can handle anything i should point out. you were honorably discharged from the marines after serving in iraq. that toughness goes a long way. we're happy you're okay. >> thank you so much for having me. >> enjoy your visit to new york. >> coming up, bristol palin's got a new look. she's changed her appearance. now she's coming clean on what she's done. we got it in "the scoop". here are some things ethought you should know. gabrielle giffords's plans to return to the kennedy space center monday to watch "endeavour's" next launch attempt, her husband mark kelley commanding "endeavour's" final
2:42 pm
mission. giffords traveled last month but it was scrubbed. some of aaron shock's constituents are blasting him for appearing on the cov or of men's health magazine with his shirt open. according to politico, one voter wrote to a local newspaper saying, quote, this is so tacky. makes me sick. this could not have been a well thoughtout decision on his part. another person wrote, quote, as a conservative, i'm sorry to say, shock is becoming quite an embarrassment. maybe if he worked at hard at cutting spending and his pr appearances we could achieve true change in the nation. shawn ashton getting into politics. the son of patti duke, signed up as a campaign manager for daniel adler running for congress in california. the pair spoofed a scene from his hit movie, "rudy" in the campaign ad. >> you're 5'0", without a spec of political experience and you hung in there with the same politicians the system offers up
2:43 pm
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i'm martin bashir, coming up at top of the hour, three wives of osama bin laden and how they came to wed the most wanted man on earth. plus, why should members of congress see bin laden's death photo? what intelligence purpose does that really hold? welcome back. we have more information on the breaking news out of spain where two earthquakes have been reported in the country. at least seven people have been killed, according to officials, one of those, a child, and dozens others injured after this earthquake struck -- two earthquakes in close proximity. local officials are saying several buildings have collapsed
2:47 pm
or cracked and there is fear people could be trapped. this is coming out of the southeast coast of spain. we will continue to follow the break news and bring you the latest developments. again, an earthquake striking the southern portion of spain. we'll bring you more details on fatalities and the information that is coming in. sarah ferguson opens up to oprah about her royal snub. bristol palin admits to having plastic surgery. will smith's latest trailer not a movie trailer, it's making a lot of people angry. the scoop from courtney hazlett. we'll start off with duchess -- is she a duchess? it doesn't mat. >> sarah ferguson. a woman who one time walked down the aisle at westminster abbey when when it came time for the wedding she was not invited. take a listen. >> were you invited, were you not? >> i was not invited. and i chose to go and be in
2:48 pm
thailand in a place and i embraces the -- the jungle embraced me. >> how hurtful was it not to be invited? >> it was so difficult. >> you know, she didn't say it was hurtful, it was difficult. i think that might be speaking somewhat to the fact that a lot of the reason she wasn't invited because of her own doing, when she tried to sell access to her ex-husband and i can imagine it had to be horrible. >> she was the last one to walk as a bride in the royal family at westminster abbey. >> and her daughters obviously were there. their hats were, at the very least. >> bristol palin. >> bristol palin she shows applause at the white house correspondence dinner looking draft lick drastically different. >> colorful dress is the old look. >> the older look, right. this got people all over the internet at first saying what did she have done. >> she clocks different. >> he face looks narrowinger, i
2:49 pm
it's the not haircut. she had jaw surgery, corrective jaw surgery, she lost five pounds, surgery was medically necessary. and you know, i've been talking to dentists and people like that during the day, they say it looks more like she had her jaw realigned. >> full disclosure, surgery she said she had i had as a kid 14 with braces and i looked exactly the same. it was with braces and they reconstructed. it wasç not -- i look exactly like a goofy 14-year-old after. >> interesting. >> will smith, new york city, people live in new york city have a high tolerance for what goes on around movie shoots. >> do they? >> to a certain extent. you get used to them. there's an inconvenience. but what will smith is pulling off has people fired up. he's got his trailer parked in the middle of the soho neighborhood, which is not just a shopping district but a residential one as well. this trailering look at it it's a double decker trailer a few fun facts about it.
2:50 pm
1,150 square feet, translation, larger than most people's new york city apartments, if you've got a one-bedroom here in the city. 100-inch movie screen, marble floors. part of the issue is these trailers, they require gas, electricity to run, night and day. and so local residents say it's enormous waste. and he's got an apartment less than a mile away. >> developing news with lindsay lohan. >> she has pled no contest in that necklace theft case. what does it mean? she's been ordered to 480 hours of community service, that has to be served within a year and ordered 120 days in jail. she can't do the two overlapping. the sheriff's office might say she can do it at home because of the overcrowding issues and -- >> is she going to jail or not? >> probably not. home for a few weeks. >> for the latest entertainment news, be a fan of the scoop on facebook. "news nation" gut check is up next.
2:51 pm
>> breaking news from sketches are. >> sketchers shapeups marketed to women who want to tone their backside and thighs. now the company has created shapeups for girls. yes. little girls. is it the right message to send to daughters out there? what does your gut tell you? i, you don't have ibooks. so you don't have your favorite books in your pocket. and you don't have the ibookstore, an entire bookstore in your pocket. so whether you're looking for a certain author, or a new york times bestseller, a good book is just a tap away. yup. if you don't have an iphone, well, you don't have an iphone. consider this: over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers... these are our neighbors putting their lives
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time for the "news nation" gut check. controversy over a pair of sneakers being marketed to young girls. check out part of the commercial for sketches are shapeups for girls. she's got the height, the bounce looking good having fun ♪ ♪ new shape-ups >> there you have it. boys dressed up as cupcake, hot dog, ice cream cone. shape-ups claims to tone your legs and backside.
2:55 pm
parents are worried about the message these sneakers are sending to young girls. a petition on says, quote, by not only marketing a shoe line to young girls, but also not having an equivalent for boys, sketchers is sending a clear message to girls and women -- you're never too young to start hating your body. sketchers says the message is to get move, get exercise, and get fit. this is the same messaging behind the first lady's let's move initiative, specifically geared toward children. according to the centers for disease control, childhood obesity tripled in the past 30 years with almost 20% of the nation's children between the ages of 6 and 19 being obese. so with that said what does your gut tell you about it? do shape-ups for girls, as young as 4, encourage a negative body image or a way to battle childhood obesity? take a look at what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check.
2:56 pm
we asked if korean air was right to deny a dying woman her seat over fears of her safety. 85% of you said no. 15% of you say yes. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thanks for joining us. i'm tamron hall. martin bashir picks up our coverage next. [ horn honks ] now we're hittin' the road with the proglide challenge! my friend, come on up. what kind of a razor do you use? the fusion. yeah, you got one. it feels great. you think there's a better razor out there? i sure haven't found one. it's a face-off! fusion vs. proglide. fusion proglide is engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for less tug and pull. fantastic. i don't feel like i'm shaving. ooo i got a smooth face, i got a clean face. [ host ] take the proglide challenge. and for enhanced glide, try new fusion proglide shave gel.
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good afternoon, wednesday, may 11th. here's what's happening the merry wives of bin laden. new details on the women hidden inside the compound. their children, and in one case, the $5,000 dowry that sealed the wedding deal. plus -- the brothers koch. while one billionaire brother shares a stage with speaker boehner, another makes a major gift to a state university with some major strings attached. ♪ ♪ stand up


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